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Advisory Expertise Council

The Public Institution Advisory Expertise Council (AEC) is a national advisory body. The main task of AEC is to promote excellence in research trough selection of scientific projects for funding on competitive basis. The competition includes a scientific evaluation performed by independent experts. The objects of evaluation are:

  • Conceptions of State programs and related project proposals;
  • Project proposals for basic and applied scientific research, independent projects for young scientists;
  • Innovation and technology transfer project proposals;
  • Proposals for scientific events’ organization and scientific equipment procurement;
  • Editorial activities / Valuable artworks;
  • Applications for awards of Academy of Science of Moldova.

Independent experts are selected by the AEC’s Board. The Board members are nominated based on the proposal of the Moldovan scientific community from among academics and renowned experts of diverse fields.

Basic principles of evaluation are:

  • Transparency of evaluation process;
  • Professional competence of scientific experts in the project definition field;
  • Objectivity, avoiding conflicts of interest and anonymity of experts;
  • Experts responsibility for a complete analysis and deep justification of their recommendations;
  • Confidentiality and protection of intellectual property;
  • Deontology and professional ethics.

Basic criteria of evaluation are:

  • Compliance of projects objectives with the strategic directions of research and innovation of the Republic of Moldova;
  • High scientific level and international relevance of proposed investigations;
  • Applicability, potential for valorization and dissemination of results;
  • Professional competence of the authors and other project participants, including their international visibility. Involvement of young researchers;
  • Level of equipment and scientific facilities provided by project host institutions;
  • Economic efficiency of results (economic and social benefit, cost-effectiveness);
  • Possibility for expanding project activities within the framework of European programs and international grants.

To facilitate the work of experts, the AEC designed specific evaluation forms which represent the basic tool for experts’ activity. Evaluation forms comprise evaluation criteria defined in collaboration with the call organizers and reflect the priorities set by regarded call. The consultation of evaluation forms is highly recommended to all applicants prior to the project submission.

In order to enhance its performance, AEC maintains a continuous improvement process of evaluation procedures. Therefore, the scientific community members are welcomed to provide suggestions regarding potential drawbacks and improvement opportunities.

Evaluation form for applied research projects 

Evaluation form for fundamental research projects

Evaluation form for state programmes in the sphere of research and innovation

Evaluation form for procurment of scientific equipment

Evaluation form for bilateral/interantional projects

Evaluation form for projects organization of scientific events

Evaluation form for independent projects of young researchers

Evaluation form for technology transfer projects

ASSESSMENT SHEET on projects of monographs / scientific / art value publication

EVALUATION SHEET on application for ASM awards.